Try out Myontology prototype


December 9, 2008: Check out the release primer of the myOntology prototype.

October 2, 2008: Check out the screencast of myOntology

March 11, 2008: Check out the first version of the myOntology platform! (Please note that this is a beta version)

Public mailinglist: myontology-public(at)lists(dot)sti2(dot)at

December 06, 2007: Successful cooperation with Microsoft Austria: Semantics 4 Office: Plug-in for Creating Semantic Web Data in Microsoft Office

January 16, 2007: myOntology wins second price at FFG project awards. Read more here.


The aim of the research project "myOntology" is to produce the theoretical foundations, and deployable technology for the Wiki-based, collaborative and community-driven development and maintenance of ontologies instance data and mappings, in order to make the vision of a Semantic Web for E-Commerce and other application domains a reality.

The basic idea is to provide the technical infrastructure for maintaining a tight coupling between an ontology and the individuals creating and using this ontology. This is a crucial bottleneck in current approaches of Semantic Web research, which collides with the high conceptual dynamics in many business domains, caused e.g. by the introduction of new product categories or new product features. The same holds for Knowledge Management applications, and the popularity of Folksonomies and collaborative tagging (see e.g. shows the potential of this direction.

The results of the foundational research will be adapted and shown in two use case scenarios:

  • Collaborative ontology development for products and services to enable Semantic Web-based E-commerce, and
  • Collaborative ontology development for Knowledge Management.
The project is funded by the Oesterreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft GmbH (FFG) and the Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie (BMVIT) under the FIT-IT "Semantic Systems" program (contract number 812515).